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Clear expectations are key to a successful renovation process!



Our consultations are completed in two parts. First part is to email or text message the necessary information and photos. This information is used to roughly analyze the project and determine compatibility whether we are the right contractor for the job. A rough price bracket can usually be calculated based at this point. 

The next step is an on site visit to meet evaluate the project and determine details of the clients expectations. This is when we discuss all the options for your wood floor refinish or new wood floor system. Species, color, types of floor protection coatings and whats best to meet the clients vision, lifestyle durability demands and budget. On site visits are generally done on Fridays, with overflow being Monday thru Friday at either 8 am or 430 pm.



If we decide we are a fit, then a quote to complete the flooring renovation will be submitted within 2-3 business days tops. We use a software that is sent by email that allows clients to pick and choose different options that may be discussed in the onsite consultation and will build the pricing to fit your budget. Upon viewing, this software gives our client the ability to accept the quote notifying us promptly of the decision.

Here are some things we offer in order to ensure when collecting quotes from mulitiple contractors apples to apples and value are compared:

1.) We always automatically use more premium lumber materials, unless budget discounts our ability too. 

2.) All jobs are performed using Professional Dust Collection systems. We do not market ourselves Dust Free or Dust Less because that phrase is misleading in our industry. As soon as sand paper hits the floor it creates dust. There is no way to sand a wood floor without creating dust.

3.) Our sanding system is rotary only. We do not use drum sanders, minimizing the depth of sanding leaving the wood floor with more wear layer for future refinishes. On average we remove 50% the amount of sawdust at the end of the sanding as contractors using drum sanders. 

4.) When using swedish floor finishes we do 3 coats, and waterborne urethanes or polycarbonate urethanes we complete 4 coats. This is a better protection system. Thinner coats of finish applied per coat, allows the coating to cure harder and faster. We only use premium waterborne urethanes and polycarbonate that contain zero acrylic.  



Preparing the lumber for the environment

When new wood floors are installed, the lumber needs to acclimate to the environment of the home. Acclimation is defined as the lumber meeting equilibrium moisture content (EMC) with the environment. The lumber is placed inside the home and allowed to condition approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the species of wood and the moisture content inside the existing structure.



Craftsmanship comes alive!

This is where we shine! We will begin to craft your new floor or renovate your existing floor. We adhere to the standards set forth by the National Wood Flooring Association and only high quality equipment and sundries are used. Our goal is to never rush through each job but to focus on quality and integrity rather than speed. We build trust with our clients and maintain the highest priority of creating a renovation that will last several years to come.

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Learn how to properly care for and maintain your renovated wood floor!

Before every project we will discuss after care and maintenance for the renovated wood floor. This helps ensure we are providing a wood floor that can be cared for. Not all materials are created equal and not all environments are the same. 

And after every project we will review the after care and maintenance necessities to ensure each client thoroughly knows what type of cleaner to use, 

climate control goals and proper curing times for their finish. Along with any other unique details to their product selections. 

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In order to remain specialized and have complete focus on the wood floor aspect of the renovation, ProCraft Co. only completes the wood floor scope of the renovation process. There will be other items needed to complete such as furniture and appliance removal, wall base removal and replacement, existing floor covering demolition and removal, in extreme cases deep sub-floor repair and self leveling and more. This work needs to be performed by homeowner or another contractor or hired helper. 

Our energy is best spent creating beautiful and durable floor systems and in order to remain specialized we dedicate all energy to only this. 

Wood flooring is unique to other floor coverings as it was once alive. Each log, each board has unique character and wood floor sanding, coloring and coating is a extremely difficult process that only a craftsman with a specific skillset can achieve. On site sanding and finishing is completed by a man in a living environment, and not by robotics in a factory controlled environment. As we try to complete all jobs with detail scrutiny and alertness, minor imperfections can and will occur and they need to be expected on a minor basis.  Some of these minor imperfections sometimes create larger problems when attempting to repair. Repair of these minor visual defects will be at the discretion of ProCraft Co. 

We guarantee you will have an overall gorgeous wood floor that will be durable enough to handle your needs. However, we can not guarantee that every single square inch will look perfect in the eyes off all clients.



Buddy says to contact us now!

Messages will be replied to as soon as possible. In the mean time, please prepare to send several photos of the existing floor or rooms the new wood wood floor will be installed. This is to qualify compatibility and to prepare for the on site visit. 
You can also text message the contact info, details and photos to the phone number below for fastest contact. Thanks! 

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